WMP's Wolbachia method demonstrated at citywide scale for the first time

Research led by the World Mosquito Program’s Director, Professor Scott O’Neill, has shown for the first time that the WMP’s...
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Our self-sustaining Wolbachia method in action

After six years of working in northern Queensland communities, long-term monitoring by our researchers show that Wolbachia is self-sustaining at...
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Students take on Wolbachia challenge

More than 100 school students will begin rearing their own Wolbachia mosquitoes this week, with the launch of the “Wolbachia Warriors” program in Townsville, Australia.
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No dengue transmission in Wolbachia release sites in Cairns

Queensland Health has recently confirmed a number of dengue cases in the Cairns region.
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Field trial on track in Bungalow and Cairns North

With the support of the local community and government approval, we began field trials in areas of Bungalow and Cairns North in July 2014.
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Community shows support for next trial

With community support and government approval, our next Australian field trial of the Wolbachia dengue control method is beginning this week, in the Cairns suburbs of Stratford and Freshwater.
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