Douglas Shire Expansion

The Douglas Shire community in Far North Queensland has thrown their support behind the Eliminate Dengue Program, becoming the most recent Australian site to welcome releases of mosquitoes with Wolbachia.

Our team has been working alongside community leaders since August 2016 to raise awareness about our science program, and, in October 2016, the project began field activities with strong community support.

Work is currently underway in Douglas Shire’s most high-risk dengue areas of Port Douglas, Mossman, North Mossman, Cooya Beach and the Indigenous community of Mossman Gorge.

The shire is set to benefit from years of field trials in Cairns and Townsville where we have refined our method and shown it is sustainable, low-cost and safe for people, the environment and wildlife.

We are grateful for the direct assistance of groups like Douglas Shire Council and Rotary, who have taken the lead by growing and releasing mosquitoes with Wolbachia in their own backyard using Mozzie Boxes. With their help, we hope to successfully introduce Wolbachia into the shire’s local mosquito population over the next few months, and, if successful, we expect to see a reduction in the risk of transmission of dengue and other similar diseases like Zika.

To find out more about the Douglas Shire project, call our team on 1800 005 622.