With community support, we are undertaking Eliminate Dengue's first city-wide trial in Townsville, Australia.

We work closely with communities to explain our research and seek their support

We have released Wolbachia mosquitoes in several North Queensland communities. We either release adult Wolbachia mosquitoes (pictured) or Wolbachia mosquito eggs

Wolbachia mosquitoes are reared at James Cook University’s Mosquito Research Facility.

Bill and Melinda Gates visited Cairns in 2011 for a personal briefing on the research

Eliminate Dengue Australia

Dengue is not endemic in Australia but frequent outbreaks occur in north Queensland due to travellers bringing the virus into areas where Aedes aegypti mosquitoes occur. Over 1000 cases of dengue were reported in the Cairns and Townsville regions in 2009, Australia’s largest recorded outbreak in over 50 years.

After extensive community engagement and regulatory oversight, we undertook the first releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes in two Cairns communities in 2011. These trials demonstrated that we can implement this approach in the field and that householders, regulators and other stakeholders were highly accepting of the methodology.

Further field trials have examined the ability of different Wolbachia strains to establish in wild mosquito populations. In 2014 we expanded our research to Townsville for the first city-wide trial of our Wolbachia method.

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