We release a controlled number of mosquitoes that carry Wolbachia into dengue-affected communities, where they then breed with local mosquitoes.
Queensland scientists monitor numbers of Wolbachia mosquitoes that can block dengue and other viruses including Zika 


Cairns is the location of the Eliminate Dengue Program’s first ever field trials, which started in 2011. Since then, 17 smaller-scale field trials have been completed across the region and we are pleased to report there has been no evidence of dengue transmission in areas where we have established high levels of Wolbachia in the local mosquito population.

In 2017, we are continuing our expansion across Cairns in the following areas:

Stage 1: Bentley Park and Edmonton

Stage 2: Bayview Heights, White Rock,  Mt Sheridan, Kanimbla,  Brinsmead,  Portsmith - Extending coverage in previous field trial areas in Edge Hill, Whitfield, Cairns North (East), Parramatta Park (South)

Stage 3: Smithfield, Freshwater, Aeraoglen and Cairns northern beaches including Holloways Beach, Trinity Park, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach and Palm Cove