We release a controlled number of mosquitoes that carry Wolbachia into dengue-affected communities, where they then breed with local mosquitoes
In some areas we ask community members and groups to assist our releases using Mozzie Boxes
Participants in Townsville have been growing and releasing Wolbachia mosquitoes in their own backyard
We enjoy keeping the Townsville community up to date with our progress.


Townsville is the location of the Eliminate Dengue Program’s first city-wide field trial, which commenced in 2014. Community releases of mosquitoes with Wolbachia have now been completed in Stages 1, 2,  3 and 4, thanks to the help of thousands of local participants.

Stage 1: South Townsville, Townsville City, North Ward, Belgian Gardens, West End, Garbutt, Currajong, Vincent, Aitkenvale, Pimlico, Mysterton, Hermit Park, Hyde Park, Rosslea, Mundingburra, Railway Estate, Gulliver, Castle Hill

Stage 2: Kirwan, Thuringowa Central, Cranbrook, Mount Louisa, Heatley

Stage 3: Pallarenda Rowes Bay, Kelso, Rasmussen, Condon

Stage 4: Annandale, Douglas, Idalia, Wulguru, Oonoonba, Stuart

We will be carrying out monitoring activities in these areas throughout 2017. We expect to see Wolbachia sustained at high levels in the local mosquito population, reducing the risk of dengue, Zika, and other mosquito-borne viruses in these high-risk areas.