Preparation continues for Brazil field trials

Eliminar a Dengue: Desafio Brasil (Eliminate Dengue Brazil) is continuing its work in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, in preparation for field trials of the Wolbachia method.

Our entomology and community engagement teams have been working in four neighbourhoods – Vila Valqueire, Urca, Tubiacanga and Jurujuba – to monitor the local mosquito population and meet with community members to discuss our research and register support for future releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes.

With community support and regulatory approval, we hope to begin releasing Wolbachia mosquitoes in late 2014. We will monitor the mosquito population before, during and after the release period to determine how many carry Wolbachia, and we will regularly update the local community about the results.

Project Leader and FIOCRUZ researcher Luciano Moreira said the aim of the research program was to develop an alternative method to control dengue.

“These teams perform weekly visits to the areas since October 2012,” Dr Moreira said.

“Mosquitoes from each area are being analysed through the collection in special traps, installed in 120 houses. Transparency with the households is a priority. Because of that, efforts are dedicated to guarantee proper information and answers to the local partners.”