First Wolbachia mosquitoes released in Brazil

The first South American field trial of our Wolbachia method has begun in Brazil, with the initial releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes taking place in Tubiacanga.

The community of Tubiacanga, in Rio de Janeiro, has shown strong support for the releases and joined our team in a celebration to mark the occasion on September 24, 2014. The event drew attention from news services locally and across Brazil, where dengue is a significant and growing health problem.

We plan to release Wolbachia mosquitoes in our Tubiacanga field site once a week for approximately three to four months, with the aim of establishing Wolbachia in the local mosquito population. If successful, we expect the risk of local dengue transmission will be reduced.

We will continue to monitor the local mosquito population and we will regularly report the results to the community and on our website.