Preparation underway for next Yogyakarta trials

As we continue to see promising results in our first Indonesian field trial sites, we are now seeking community support for the release of Wolbachia mosquitoes in two more Yogyakarta communities.

We have met with community leaders in Jomblangan and Singosaren, in the Bantul district, where we hope to start releasing Wolbachia later this year. The initial response has been encouraging, with community leaders expressing interest in our research and welcoming us into their communities to talk with residents and monitor the existing mosquito population. We will begin taking part in community meetings this month to explain our research to local residents and seek their support for a field trial in their area.

These releases will follow on from our first Indonesian field trials, in Nogotirto and Kronggahan, where we released Wolbachia mosquitoes once a week from January to June 2014. We have seen promising results so far, with more than half of the mosquitoes in our Nogotirto and Kronggahan release areas consistently carrying Wolbachia. We will continue our monitoring in these communities to determine if Wolbachia is establishing in the local mosquito populations, and we will provide further updates on the results.

The aim of our Yogyakarta field trials is to establish Wolbachia in the local mosquito populations, which we expect will reduce dengue transmission within these areas.