Fighting mosquito-borne diseases in Fiji

Mosquitoes with
Wolbachia have been released for the first time in Fiji, in an effort to significantly reduce the burden of mosquito-borne diseases in local communities.

With overwhelming community support, the World Mosquito Program commenced releases of mosquitoes with Wolbachia in Tamavua Village. Mosquitoes with Wolbachia have a reduced ability to transmit viruses to people, decreasing the risk of Zika, dengue and chikungunya outbreaks.

Taniela Moli, member of the local independent Community Reference Group (CRG) gave the World Mosquito Program team in Fiji a big “thumbs up” ahead of the releases.

“This is a wonderful initiative and the local team have been inclusive and sensitive of community needs while carrying out their work,” says Moli.

“We wish this project success as we hope for a healthier future for Fiji.”

Over the coming months, the WMP team in Fiji will continue to engage with communities as we release and monitor the local mosquito population in Suva-Nausori and Lami to ensure that mosquitoes with Wolbachia are successfully establishing.

The World Mosquito Program is funded by the Australian Government’s innovationXchange and works in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, with the support of Live and Learn Fiji.

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