Aedes aegypti mosquitoes transmit dengue virus between people

We are developing and refining a natural method to reduce the spread of dengue

Over 2.5 billion people in 100 countries are at risk of dengue infection

Wolbachia mosquitoes are released with community support and government approval

Bill Gates received a personal briefing on Eliminate Dengue's operations in Yogyakarta in April 2014

The Eliminate Dengue research program is developing a natural method to reduce the spread of dengue.

We are using naturally occurring bacteria that reduce the ability of mosquitoes to pass dengue between people. We have shown our approach reduces dengue transmission when we introduce these bacteria into mosquitoes in the laboratory, and we have been conducting trials with dengue-affected communities since 2011.

We are now developing our method for low-cost, large-scale application across urban areas in countries affected by dengue. Millions of people get dengue each year in more than 100 countries around the world, and many more live in areas where they are at risk. We believe our approach has the potential to greatly reduce the global burden of this disease.

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