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Preparations underway for expansion into Nha Trang city in 2017

Eliminate Dengue Vietnam has submitted a proposal to the Vietnam Ministry of Health to expand its trials from Tri Nguyen Island to two pilot sites...
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Eliminate Dengue Brazil plans for expansion

Eliminate Dengue Brazil is planning to expand its activities after reporting positive results in two pilot studies and obtaining approval from the...
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Ambitious experiment plans to release bacteria-bearing mosquitoes at large scale

Researchers have used the bacteria, known as Wolbachia, in trials in places including Australia and Brazil in recent years. But those efforts were...
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Promising results in the Paris neighbourhood of Bello are paving the way for expansion in 2017

A press conference held on 22 October by Eliminate Dengue Colombia has revealed that after ten months of releases, 90% of the Aedes aegypti...
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Awareness raising critical for large scale efficacy study in Yogyakarta city

Dengue is still very much a burden for the people of Yogyakarta. In October this year, the number of dengue cases in Yogyakarta overtook...
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Measuring the impact of Wolbachia in controlling the transmission of viruses

Following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) in March and April this year, a...
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