Trial to commence on Tri Nguyen Island from April 2013

The Ministry of Health in Vietnam has officially approved a release of Wolbachia Aedes aegypti on Tri Nguyen Island, 2kms from the port of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa province. The approval came on 10th October 2012, following consideration of the recommendations from the Ministry’s Ethical and Technical Review Board together with overwhelming local community support.

Tri Nguyen Island is home to over 3250 residents and community engagement was carried out over a number of years culminating in over 95% of householders showing their support for the trial by completing a registration form.

The Vietnam project team is now preparing for a trial to commence on the island from April 2013. Community engagement activities will continue to ensure that householders are kept informed as the trial progresses.

Trials in Vietnam will focus on deployment of the strongest dengue blocking Wolbachia strains. These raise special challenges for deployment but we believe are well suited for the Vietnamese ecological context.