Eliminate Dengue in Colombia

In March, with the endorsement of the Municipal Secretary of Health Office in Medellin, the team from the Program for the Study and Control of Tropical Diseases (PECET) from the University of Antioquia, became the sixth collaborating country project in the Eliminate Dengue research program.

Eliminate Dengue: Challenge Colombia is led by Dr Ivan Dario Velez and Dr Jorge Osorio and includes a team of doctors, biologists, entomologists, and social workers.

The suburbs of Paris and Niquia, within the city of Bello have been identified as potential field trial sites for the research project and monitoring of mosquito numbers has already begun with the help of residents.

Meetings and information sessions are also being held with health workers, community leaders, high school students and householders in the communities to introduce the project and gauge support for the research.

Any field trial in Colombia would only proceed with community support and government approval.