Australian research expands to new site

We have expanded our field trials to the city of Townsville, where initial research activities are beginning this week.

The early stages of our work in Townsville will involve monitoring the mosquito population and engaging with local community members, businesses and other stakeholders. We hope to undertake field releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes later this year, with the support of the Townsville community and government approval.

Townsville is the second north Queensland location for our field trials and will build on the success of our research so far in Cairns. Our research in Townsville aims to refine methods for the large-scale release of Wolbachia mosquitoes, which will pave the way for future work in dengue-endemic countries.

We encourage Townsville residents to contact the local team with any questions or concerns on 1800 005 622, or see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the project.

We've changed and so has our name. Eliminate Dengue is now the World Mosquito Program.