Wolbachia increasing as Vietnam trial continues

After 17 weeks of releasing Wolbachia mosquitoes on Tri Nguyen Island in Vietnam, our monitoring shows that 62% of local Aedes aegypti mosquitoes now carry Wolbachia.

This suggests that the wMel strain of Wolbachia is starting to establish in the local mosquito population, and we expect to see the number of mosquitoes with Wolbachia keep increasing.

With ongoing community support and regulatory approval, we will continue our weekly mosquito releases as we would like more mosquitoes to carry Wolbachia. We hope that the additional releases will help Wolbachia establish in the local mosquito population. Once Wolbachia establishes, we expect the risk of dengue transmission on Tri Nguyen Island will be reduced.

We appreciate the local community’s support for our research. As always, we encourage all residents to protect themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes and to seek medical advice if they think they may have dengue.