Governor confirms support for Indonesian trials

The Governor of Yogyakarta has again highlighted the importance of Eliminate Dengue Indonesia’s research in Yogyakarta during a meeting with project leaders.

Project Leader Prof Adi Utarini met with Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and local health officials on October 10, 2014 to provide an update on our field trials in Nogotirto and Kronggahan, the two Yogyakarta communities where we released Wolbachia mosquitoes from January to June 2014.

“In these areas, thanks to the support of the government and local communities, Wolbachia is able to thrive in their natural environment today,” Prof Utarini said.

Prof Utarini also updated the governor on our plans for further field trials in Jomblangan and Singosaren, in the Bantul district of Yogyakarta, which we hope to begin in the coming months.

The governor expressed his support and appreciation for the research, and he noted that Eliminate Dengue Indonesia continues to help the government in tackling dengue fever by providing information to the public.

“Preventing illness is more important, rather than having to treat it,” he said.