Students spread the word about Wolbachia

Six Colombian teenagers have taken on the role of ‘teacher’ for a day to share information about the Eliminate Dengue project with their fellow students.

In November, the Alberto Díaz School of Bello held a science fair where students chose subjects around health, engineering or social issues relevant to the neighborhood. Eliminate Dengue Colombia took part in the event, working with students aged between 13 and 16 to help them introduce the Eliminate Dengue project to the school.

The students – proud yet nervous about the opportunity – provided information about dengue, Wolbachia and the Eliminate Dengue project in Colombia and answered many questions from their fellow students and teachers.

The presentation followed a special training session with our communication staff and biology team, including a visit to the PECET laboratory to see some of the research first-hand. We were pleased to be able to support the students by offering training, printed materials and help to prepare and practise their presentation.

We greatly appreciated this opportunity to share information about our research with the local school community. As we prepare for a field trial in Paris, in the Bello municipality of Medellin, we are working closely with community members to explain our research and respond to any questions or concerns. With community support, we hope to begin releasing Wolbachia mosquitoes in our Paris field trial site in 2015.