First release of Wolbachia mosquitoes has commenced in Yogyakarta City

New efforts to control dengue began on August 15, 2016 with the release of mosquitoes containing Wolbachia in the village of Kricak in Yogyakarta City. EDP Yogya targeted 293 houses with plans to target 1600 houses in total in the sub-district of Tegalrejo Wirobrajan in the coming months.

A soft launch of the release was attended by a number of key stakeholders including the Chief Medical Officer for Yogyakarta, Head of Tegalrejo, members of the District Leadership Communication Forum and the Head (Lurah) of Kricak in addition to several Kricak community leaders. 

The focus of this launch was around appreciation to EDP Yogya for introducing an alternative method to control dengue and it was evident the sense of pride by the Kricak community to be selected as the first release area for this most recent effort. 

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