Dengue research showing signs of success

A year and a half after releasing the first mosquito with Wolbachia in Townsville, we are excited to announce that almost all Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are now carrying Wolbachia across the Stage 1 area.

Wolbachia levels in Townsville City, South Townsville, North Ward, Belgian Gardens, Castle Hill, West End, Garbutt, Gulliver, Currajong, Vincent, Aitkenvale, Mundingburra, Hyde Park, Pimlico, Mysterton, Hermit Park and Railway Estate are all between 80% and 100% and we hope to see this trend continue long-term. In Rosslea, we hope to see Wolbachia levels continue to rise to high levels in the near future. We are making strong progress towards our goal of establishing Wolbachia in Townsville’s mosquito population, and reducing the risk of dengue transmission in our city. Meanwhile, communities in Cranbrook, Heatley, Kirwan, Thuringowa Central and Mount Louisa have been the first to grow and release their own Wolbachia mosquitoes using DIY Mozzie Boxes.

Wolbachia levels in these suburbs are increasing and we will continue to monitor the population as the release phase in these areas comes to an end. We are grateful to the more than 6700 locals who have joined our team. Townsville is setting an example for what communities can achieve when locals lend a helping hand. Whilst we are encouraged by these positive results, we remind you to continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites.