Promising results in the Paris neighbourhood of Bello are paving the way for expansion in 2017

A press conference held on 22 October by Eliminate Dengue Colombia has revealed that after ten months of releases, 90% of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes captured in the Paris neighbourhood of Bello carry Wolbachia. 

Equally promising is the high level of support from the community of Paris who have embraced the method and played a key role in determining how the project plans to scale-up in Bello (already commenced) and other parts of Antioquia in 2017. The forthcoming expansion of the project is expected to target an area of more than 2 million residents, and aims to directly measure the impact of Wolbachia on the transmission of mosquito-borne disease. 

The project is led by the Program of Study and Control of Tropical Diseases (PECET), Faculty of Medicine, University of Antioquia

You can read more of the original story (Spanish) here.