Green light for Colombian expansion

The growth of our project in Colombia comes after promising results from small-scale trials. Following extensive consultation with health organisations and community groups, the World Mosquito Program, known locally as Eliminate Dengue Colombia, has gained approval for further releases of mosquitoes carrying Wolbachia.

Our new releases will reach an estimated 2 million people in neighbourhoods (known locally as communes) across northern Medellín and will be carried out in partnership with the University of Antioquia. With more than half of Colombia’s 48 million people at risk of dengue, and Zika cases increasing rapidly, community leaders in Medellín are pleased to see the expansion of our initiative to combat mosquito-borne diseases.

For the Community Leader of Santa Cruz, Nelly Amparo Patiño, the importance of this project has been highlighted by recent deaths caused by dengue in his commune. "In my neighbourhood, three adults and two children under four died because of this disease,” says Nelly.

Germán de Jesus Perez, leader of the Aranjuez commune, says that the mere possibility of reducing the transmission of dengue makes him feel as if he is living a miracle, since he was severely affected by this disease in the past.

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