Scott L. O’Neill, Peter A. Ryan, Andrew P. Turley, Geoff Wilson, Kate Retzki, Inaki Iturbe-Ormaetxe, Yi Dong, Nichola Kenny, Christopher J. Paton, Scott A. Ritchie, Jack Brown-Kenyon, Darren Stanford, Natalie Wittmeier, Katherine L. Anders, Cameron P. Simmons

Scaled deployment of Wolbachia to protect the community from Aedes transmitted arboviruses

Gates Open Resources 2018, 2:36

The first successful citywide scaled deployment of Wolbachia in the northern Australian city of Townsville, across 66 km2 in four stages over 28 months with full community support. Wolbachia frequencies have remained stable since deployment and to date no local dengue transmission has been confirmed in any area of Townsville after Wolbachia has established, despite local transmission events every year for the prior 13 years and an epidemiological context of increasing imported cases.

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