Mobilisation Workshop, Nha Trang

Following approval by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam (October 2012) and support from residents on Tri Nguyen Island to undertake a trial of the Wolbachia dengue control method, the Eliminate Dengue Project Vietnam (EDPV) held an official mobilisation workshop in Nha Trang on 17th January 2013.

The workshop was to inform all stakeholders of the next phase of the project as well as providing the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns. This phase includes 6 months of pre-release activities, a 3-month period in which to release Wolbachia mosquitoes and then 2 years of monitoring on Tri Nguyen Island.

The workshop was held at Institute Pasteur, Nha Trang and attended by a broad range of EDPV stakeholders that included government and health officials from national, provincial and local levels as well as community members from Tri Nguyen Island and national and local media.

For many returning participants the workshop was an opportunity to receive an update on project activities both in Vietnam and the wider Eliminate Dengue Program, including trials in Australia.

The release on Tri Nguyen Island is scheduled to begin in early April 2013.