We work closely with the community to release Wolbachia mosquitoes

The community has shown strong support for field trials on Tri Nguyen Island    

Tri Nguyen Island has a population of approximately 3500 people

Aedes aegypti can be found in most areas of Vietnam but more predominately in the south

In 2009 a purpose built field cage for studying Aedes aegypti was built by the project in Vietnam

Educational materials were developed for local children on Tri Nguyen Island

Eliminate Dengue Vietnam

The first outbreak of dengue was recorded in Vietnam in 1963. Between 1998 and 2010 over 1,000,000 cases were reported. Today dengue is endemic throughout the southern region and central coast, and in large population centres in the north such as Hanoi.

Eliminate Dengue Vietnam was established in 2006 with oversight by the Ministry of Health. The first releases of Wolbachia Aedes aegypti took place on Tri Nguyen Island, near the port of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa province. In 2015, our Vietnamese project underwent major expansion as research activities began in Nha Trang city. Initial activities are focusing on monitoring the local mosquito population and collecting information about the existing levels of dengue to help to plan future trials, which may include the release of Wolbachia mosquitoes in Nha Trang in the coming years.

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View Risk Assessment Report Vietnam Release 2011 (English version)

View Risk Assessment Report Vietnam Release 2011 (Vietnamese version)